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Division 4  is a masonry products distribution firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We concentrate on assisting the specifying architect, developer, contractor and building owners in selecting the proper masonry assembly unique to their individual project.  

By not carrying massive inventories of non specific products, we can effectively lower the cost of product distribution to the building owner or end user.  Below is a list of our suppliers.

BRICK Acme Brick
Belden Brick
Carolina Ceramics
Cloud Ceramics
Continental Brick
Elgin Butler
Endicott Clay
Glen-Gery Brick
Interstate Brick
Kansas Brick & Tile
Metro Brick
Palmetto Brick
STONE Arriscraft International
Glen-Gary Landmark Stone
Earthworks Stone
Real Stone Systems
CAST STONE Arriscraft International
Custom Cast Stone
CMU Grand Blanc Cement
Kingston Block
Lee Brick & Block
MORTAR/ ACCESSORIES Brixment                         
Glen-Gary Thin Tech 
Laticrete International

For product information, please contact us to receive our binder to enhance your architectural library with technical data for all your masonry needs.

Please browse through our photo gallery to see local examples of the products listed above.

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